Welcome to San Diego SmilesJust check out our name and you’ll know instantly what we’re all about – smiles!

Healthy, bright, gorgeous smiles. Smiles that light up a room and connect us person to person, heart to heart. We know that a smile is one of your most important communicators, and we are here to keep it looking great, working naturally, and telling the world exactly who you are!

Mom and DaughterDentistry that Grows with You

Whether you want to improve the appearance of your smile with whitening or Invisalign®, need an implant to replace a tooth, or your kids simply need a check-up and fluoride treatment, the team at San Diego Smiles is here to help. Seniors love us for being convenient. Families love us for being fun. And everybody loves the way we make their smiles look and feel!

Guy SmilingNo Pressure. No Stress. Just Better Health…

We want to guide you to better health and appearance, of course, but ultimately your smile is YOURS, and you have to decide what you want from your dentistry. The truth is, we really care about you as a person, and we take lots of time to listen to your needs and show you your options. We respect your decisions and your time and will do everything we can to help you reach your smile goals.

Older Couple SmilingWe’re Here for Fun & Relaxation Too!

Our team actually loves coming to work every day. We love working together, but even more, we really love getting to know our patients. That enthusiasm is contagious. Not only do our patients rave over being surrounded by tranquility and comforts, they also enjoy visiting with us, laughing and sharing their lives… the way you should with friends.