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Adult Dentistry in El Cajon, CA

Why We Recommend Regular Cleanings

Teeth Cleaning El Cajon CAHygiene visits are very important in maintaining good health. Even if you think you clean your teeth meticulously every day, there are often hard-to-reach areas that allow plaque to build up and eventually harden into tartar. Once this happens, regular brushing and flossing will not remove tartar. If it gathers below the gumline, you risk having a gum infection.

Research has made the link between chronic gum disease and other serious health problems with the heart and lungs, diabetes, and stroke. Please have regular cleanings by our professional hygienist to help you keep good health.

When a Root Canal is Necessary

It is now well known how important it is to save a tooth from extraction, if at all possible, to avoid other dental problems. Our doctors are very experienced in the latest techniques of root canal therapy and provide anesthetics that make the procedure manageable for patients. When the roots of a tooth have decayed or been damaged, this treatment will remove the roots and the interior pulp of the tooth. The tooth will be secured in the mouth with a special filling material that keeps the tooth intact. This procedure will return the tooth to full functionality and keep a full set of teeth in the dental arch.

Modern Filling Materials

White Dental Fillings Dentist El Cajon CAThe amalgam metal filling was the standard material used by dental practices for many years. This material does not bond as well to teeth and places a dark patch in light teeth, which is very noticeable and detracts from a pleasing smile.

We use composite resin materials that do not contain any metal. Our modern filling materials bond tightly to the tooth structure to reduce the risk of decay setting in and give added strength to a tooth. The restoration matches the shade of the tooth to blend in and give a very natural, attractive appearance to your smile.


Advancements with Laser Dentistry

Waterlase Dentistry El Cajon CAImagine having fillings placed without any shots or any drilling. Does this sound unreal? Not any more. With the latest laser technology called WaterLase™, you can have dentistry in complete comfort for these restorations, as the water being emitted absorbs the energy from the laser, instead of the teeth.

Energy is transferred to the microscopic water droplets. This energized water actually mists away the tooth decay. In many dental procedures, the WaterLase replaces any use of a drill and requires no shot. Patients are amazed there is absolutely no discomfort with this revolutionary technology.

Proper Bite Alignment to Relieve Pain and DiscomfortBite Alignment Treatment El Cajon CA

A bite that does not come together properly (dental occlusion) is often the cause of headaches, pain in the shoulder, neck, and jaws, and aching or popping jaws. There are a variety of reasons why your jaw does not rest in a relaxed position. The way your permanent teeth grew in, trauma or disease to the mouth, and wear and tear on your teeth can all have an effect on how your teeth come together.

This imbalance causes tension and pain in the adjoining muscles. As years go by, many patients grow used to living with this pain. But you don't have to put up with it any longer. We can restore your bite to its proper position with a full-mouth rehabilitation. We recommend you discover what this treatment can do for you to add a new quality and energy to your life.

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