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Cosmetic Dentistry in El Cajon, CA

Options to Remake Your Smile into a Beautiful One

Smile Makeover Dentist El Cajon CAOur Smile Makeover dentist want you to look your best as looking good means you feel content with your appearance. Don't wait another month to change your smile to an attractive one. We have a variety of both preventive and cosmetic treatments that are affordable and require less time than you think. Come in, and let us tell you about the various cosmetic dentistry options of bonding, whitening, crowns, and other treatments that will remake your smile into a gorgeous one.

Cosmetic Dentistry Before & AfterGet a Look at What We Can Do For Your Smile

We can show you what your new smile will look like before any treatment begins. With digital imaging, we can alter your smile on a computer screen to portray the enhancements that are needed. It lets you feel confident about moving forward in remaking your smile to a pleasing one.

No More Waiting for a Permanent CrownCEREC Single Visit Dental Crowns El Cajon CA

CEREC™ is a technology of the 21st century that has revolutionized the way crowns are made. It provides a perfect-fitting crown every time without multiple trips to the dentist.

No longer do impressions have to be made, temporaries placed, and the inconvenience of remaking a crown that does not fit properly is eliminated. With CEREC, you can have a long-lasting, natural-looking dental crown fitted and inserted in about an hour! It will add to the strength of the tooth and greatly reduce the likelihood of tooth or root fracturing to eliminate the need of a root canal in the future.

We are pleased to be one of the few dental practices in our area to produce crowns with the computerized CEREC system. You will be very pleased with how quick and easy and effortless it is on your part, and happy with the type of restoration you receive.

Replacements for Multiple Missing Teeth

When there is more than one tooth missing in succession, a bridge is a solution that will close the gap and provide excellent chewing capabilities. We make bridges with high-quality, durable materials. When the bridge is placed in your mouth, it is anchored on either side with a crown. Once again you will have a smile without any gaps and be able to eat all the foods you enjoy.

A Perfect Smile in Just Two Visits!

With porcelain veneers, we can easily alter the appearance of severely stained teeth, unsightly gaps, and misshapen teeth in as few as two visits. By bonding these thin sheets of advanced ceramic to your natural teeth, our dental veneers dentist can create an even, uniform smile that looks like it took months to achieve, in only a few visits.

Dental Veneers Dentist El Cajon CAVeneers also work well on a single tooth that is broken or worn down or cracked. The veneer is bonded in the same way to conceal the problem, and it will match the shade of the surrounding teeth.

We also feature DURAthin™ veneers. They are super-thin and translucent, similar to a contact lens. As they are so thin, little to no tooth reduction is needed and usually not even one shot is necessary.

You Won't Be Disappointed with KöR™ Whitening

KOR Teeth Whitening Dentist El Cajon CAWe offer our patients the latest treatment methods, and for patients with severely stained and discolored teeth, we are pleased to be able to whiten their smiles with KöR Whitening. Although there are methods that work well for most whitening needs, there are more difficult cases that require the KöR system. One example of hard-to-whiten teeth would be the staining from taking the antibiotic tetracycline.

If you have been disappointed with other teeth whitening techniques, you will be amazed with the results you obtain for a brilliant white smile from KöR Whitening.

A Beautiful White Smile in Just One Visit

ZOOM! Professional Teeth Whitening El Cajon CASan Diego Smiles features the same whitening method you may have seen in InStyle and Rolling Stone magazines. ZOOM! Advanced Power™ Whitening can remove stains and discoloration generally in only one visit!

We also create custom whitening trays in our lab for a procedure you complete at home. When you follow the instructions and use the supplies we provide, you can expect to have a dazzling white smile within 1 – 14 days.

Schedule a complimentary consultation by calling (619) 442-8841, and discover how cosmetic solutions and teeth whitening can give you a brilliant new smile!